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Blood Bowl 7s Mat (Cheeky V Tournament Exclusive)

New, Available Now
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Product Details
This is the official Cheeky V 2023 neoprene gaming 7s mat. This product is a brand new mat, available to buy and ship (or pickup) now. It is not one of the mats that will be used at The Cheeky V 2023.
Custom designed from the ground up, pixel by pixel by Johnny Wilkinson especially for The Cheeky V 2023, it’s got everything you’ve come to expect from a high quality neoprene Blood Bowl gaming 7s mat.

Includes dugouts, Kick-Off Table, Scatter Template and Passing Chart, plus 7s Turn, Score and ReRoll trackers. It is made from 3mm thick neoprene with edge stitching and rubber backing.

You will NOT find a quality neoprene Blood Bowl mat anywhere in the world for this cost, particularly not out of Europe or the US. Costs have been kept deliberately low to help bring more quality mats to Australian coaches at an affordable price.

ALL proceeds from sales will go towards organising The Big V 2024!

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