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The Big V 2023 is proud to announce the following amazing businesses as official sponsors of this year's tournament. A massive thank you to all of them for being part of this!

The final prize list will be finalised closer to the actual event when all tickets are sold and we have a better idea of what prize money is available for prizes. For now, these are some of the prizes than will be on offer...



As a two day event the majority of prizes will be handed out at the end of the second day, to those coaches who have completed all six games. These prizes will include:



Third Place


Foreign Invader

Most CAS

Most TD’s

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, etc



The Stunty Trophy will be awarded to the coach of the highest finishing Stunty team, including Snotlings and all the teams from Tier 4.




Due to the fantastic interstate presence at The Big V 2022, I have introduced the Foreign Invader Trophy as a way of giving back to those coaches who have made that extra bit of effort to travel to Melbourne. The Foreign Invader Trophy will be a perpetual trophy that will be awarded every year to the highest finishing coach who has travelled from outside of the state of Victoria to participate. This includes all coaches from interstate as well as any international coaches visiting from overseas.


The Big V tournaments have always awarded spot prizes for every round, and The Big V 2023 will continue that tradition. This year again we will award specific prizes for each round to ensure we have prizes being awarded throughout both days.

In the past, typical spot prizes have included the first coach in a round to roll Double Skulls followed by Double Skulls, or the first coach in a round to score 3 Touchdowns. They are always light-hearted and fun, but still fiercely competitive!



We want everyone to do well and have a great time, but at the end of the day one unlucky coach has to come last. To ensure that the coach leaves with a little something, there will be a special prize of a FREE TICKET for entry to The Big V 2024 for the coach who wins the Wooden Spoon!



At The Big V we always love to reward and recognise those coaches who lean heavily into the hobby side of Blood Bowl, and turn up with beautiful teams. We have refined and expanded the award this year to includes awards for both Best Painted and Best Themed.

We will also have a dedicated painting judge for The Big V 2023, one with years of experience in precisely this field! More details to follow at a later date.


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