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The Big V Bay 13 will use the rules as outlined in Blood Bowl Second Season Edition - The Official Rules


bay 13 special rules

Even by the bloodthirsty standards of the typical Blood Bowl crowds, those "fans" that make up Bay 13 are renowned for being the worst of the worst. To such a degree that any player who unwittingly finds themselves in the Bay 13 crowd tends to have even less chance of returning to the pitch!

Consequently, fans at The Big V Bay 13 will be more involved than at a normal Blood Bowl match. Both teams will kick off the match surrounded on all sides by their own fans and will make their way up the pitch in the direction of the hostile opposition fans. The number of fans each team has in the stadium is more than just a number however.


To represent this, both coaches will run through the following amended STEP 1: the fans of the Pre-Game Sequence as described on page 37 of The Official Rules:

  • Each coach places their Bay 13 Fans token on the side of the pitch level with the Line of Scrimmage, one on either side.

  • Both coaches roll a d3, This represents how many fair-weather fans fans are cheering for their team (as per the original rules).

  • Each coach then adds their Dedicated Fans characteristic to the number of fair-weather fans cheering their team (as per the original rules).

  • The Total indicates how many thousands of fans are cheering for your team (as per the original rules).

  • The team that has the MOST FANS cheering for them moves the Bay 13 Fans token one square towards the opposition End Zone for each additional thousand fans they have.

The new position of the Bay 13 Fans Token represents the split of fans between the teams.

Example: Team A rolls a 2 for fair-weather fans and adds this number to their Dedicated Fans characteristic of 0, for a total of 2 (2000 fans). Team B rolls a 3 for fair-weather fans and has a Dedicated Fans characteristic of 2, which means their total is 5 (5000 fans). Team B has 3000 more fans so Team B's coach moves the Bay 31 Fans Token THREE SQUARES towards Team A's End Zone.



When a player from either team is pushed back into the crowd or lands in the crowd in an area of the pitch surrounded by opposition fans, the coach of the opposing team must add 1 to the resulting roll on the Injury Table.


However, when a player from either team is pushed back into the crowd or lands in the crowd in an area of the pitch surrounded by their own team's fans, the coach of the opposing team must subtract 1 from the resulting roll on the Injury Table.

All other rules regarding Injury by the Crowd are as per page 61 of The Official Rules.


The Big V Bay 13 will use the most up-to-date rules as contained within the FAQ and Errata document: DESIGNER’S COMMENTARY MAY 2024.


This can be downloaded from the Warhammer Community website at



This will be a resurrection tournament. After each round, teams will reset to their original roster. No injuries will carry over, and no additional SPP’s will be recorded.

Any new zombies or rotters added during a game will be removed from the roster at the end of the game, and won’t carry over to the next match.


The tournament will use the Swiss method to pair up coaches.

Round 1 will be randomised, but from round 2 onwards, coaches will be matched up against other coaches with a similar record. So 1st place will play 2nd place, 3rd place will play 4th place, and so on. This ensures that all coaches get to play against coaches who are performing similarly on the day.



1: All matches will last no longer than 2hrs and 20mins.

2: Matches are expected to have entered the second half with one hour remaining.

3: All matches will finish at the allocated time, and this will be rigidly enforced. Coaches will not be permitted to finish their turn and there will be no provision to ensure coaches finish on the same amount of turns.

4: Specific turn times will not be enforced, but coaches should aim for no more than 4 minutes per turn. It is the responsibility of both coaches to ensure their match is running to time. If you think your opponent is playing slow then you should ask for a chess clock for the remainder of the match.



WIN: 5pts

DRAW: 2pts

LOSS: 0pts

Ensure you record all casualties for and against, and all touchdowns scored for and against. Casualties include those caused by fouls and the crowd, but NOT self-inflicted casualties, such as Animal Savagery, Always Hungry, failed dodges, failed landings and failed rushes. A casualty that has been overturned by an Apothecary or Regeneration still counts as a Casualty for scoring purposes.



At the end of the tournament, the following tie-breakers will be used in the event of a points tie:

1: Strength of Schedule

2: Touchdown difference (TD For minus TD Against)

3: Casualties difference (CAS For minus CAS Against)



A result of Cheering Fans on the Kick-Off Event Table will use the amended Prayers to Nuffle Table as per page 103 of The Official Rules.



As per page 101 of The Official Rules, all teams at The Big V Bay 13 will start with a Dedicate Fans characteristic of 0. A coach can improve this up to a maximum of 6 at a cost of 10,000 gp per improvement



All teams MUST be painted to a minimum of three colours. Any team that doesn’t meet this standard will gift their opponents a roll on the Prayers to Nuffle table before every round. If you’re not sure if your team satisfies this criterion, please contact the TO in advance of submitting your roster.



Coaches must make every effort to ensure their models are presentative of the positions or Star Players that they represent. Positionals should be clearly defined, as should additional skills.

All players should be numbered. However, numbers alone should not be used to identify positions or additional skills. Please be sensible, and respectful of your opponent. If your star blitzer has four additional skills, you need to ensure he is clearly identified as different to the other three blitzers in your team who may not have any additional skills.

Loom bands are a popular choice for identifying additional skills. Some of the more common additional skills that coaches like to be identified as standard are Block (Blue), Guard (Green), Dodge (Yellow) and Tackle (varies). Coaches often also identify Mighty Blow, Frenzy (both red) and Diving Tackle.

Note, whilst not mandatory any coach can ask their opponent to clearly identify certain positionals, stars or additional skills by using loom bands. Any coach that refuses to do so will gift their opponent a roll on the Prayers to Nuffle table.

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