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Squad Challenge was a huge success at The Big V 2022, so you’ll be happy to learn that it will return at The Big V 2023, with even MORE prizes!

1. All squads must consist of FOUR individual teams/coaches, and each squad must nominate a Team Captain

2. Each squad member must use a different team/race, squads cannot contain multiples of a team/race

3. A squad cannot have multiple copies of the same Star Player

4. All squads must be registered in advance to take part in the Squad Challenge. The deadline for entering a squad will be 11th November (one week before the tournament), and no squads will be accepted after this date.

5. Individual Squad members will not be drawn against other coaches from the same Squad in Round 1 only.



Each squad should represent either a current Blood Bowl League (tabletop or online) such as the Melbourne Blood Bowl League, or a Geographical Location such as Ballarat or Geelong.

The squad name should reflect the league or location the squad is presenting. For example, The Ballarat Buccaneers or the MBBL Marauders.



The Big V 2023 will have TWO key Squad prizes this year, with an equal significance being place on both prizes.

The first prize will go to the Squad with the highest combined final score of all four individual squad members at the end of the second day, as per The Big V 2022 Squad Challenge.

A second prize has been introduced this year, and will be awarded to the Squad with the best and most creative theme. We encourage all squad members to represent their squad and champion their brand. Whether that representation is through some sort of squad shirt, baseball cap, squad banner, etc. is up to each squad.

And yes, it is possible for the same Squad to win both prizes!



Note, in the event that two (or more) squads finish on the same combined score for the first prize, the following tie-breakers will be used:

1. Strength of Schedule

2: Touchdown difference (TD For minus TD Against)

3: Casualties difference (CAS For minus CAS Against)

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