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The Mighty Plug

Custom Big V 2023 Miniature
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So who's bringing The Mighty Plug to The Big V? The Mighty Plus miniature is now available to buy.

Don't forget, as a Victorian legend of the game, The Mighty Plug is available to All Teams! For 220k you too can get that extra bit of muscle on your Line of Scrimmage that you team has been crying out for. Pay the cash and start kicking those little guys around the pitch!
For those who aren't interested in adding Plug to your roster but just want to get your hands on his fabulous miniature*, The Mighty Plug is available now! Designed by the amazing UGNI Miniatures and printed by Jester Prints, I can personally attest to the quality of the sculpt and print!
ALL proceeds from sales will go towards organising The Big V 2024!
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